Circle of Friends Christmas Party

Chapelwood Circle of Friends leaders know how to throw a Christmas Party.

It was fun. The food was delicious thanks to Chapelwood’s kitchen ministry. If you looked in the room, you’d see that everyone looked alike with Santa helper hats, one of the party favors. There was a gift for everyone that showed the light – a blue flashlight with Circle of Friends emblem on the side.

A troupe of cultural dancers performed amidst tables in the round. They had three costume changes appearing each time in even more colorful dress than before. The finale of flamenco dancers had everyone clapping and staring in amazement at the footwork and beautiful black sombreros.

Student highlights throughout the evening were phone calls to Steve, master of ceremonies, from Santa who said in his first call that he was from over Abilene. He checked in periodically with news of where he was, and he talked to persons in the audience with questions and personal instructions.  Finally, he arrived with gusto.

AT the end there were sad faces because we do not meet again until January, but mostly everyone went home on high wearing a hat and with a ready flashlight to light the ways to cars.

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