Naomi Mitchum, author, Christian educator and consultant in church special needs.

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I live in Houston, Texas with my geologist and bird-watching husband, Bob, and we are retired from the Circle of Friends, a program I started (with a lot of help) for students with special needs at Chapelwood United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas. I started this website because of many requests for information about disability programs.
I am also a Houston Symphony buff and would go without food just to hear a good string quartet at Chamber Music Houston.
With a degree in Christian education, I set out to do something important with my life. I’m still working on it. The trip has been fun and the future exciting. I worked as director of Christian education in Coffeyville, Kansas then director of youth work at Boston Avenue Methodist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Along the way I wrote teacher enrichment materials and curriculum for the United Methodist Church, and started the Committee on Disability Concerns of The United Methodist Church and served as its chair for ten years.  I like starting new things from a youth choir, conference committee to the Circle of Friends programs at my church. I recently founded Ramps’nthings Press, a not for profit DBA publisher doing disability books and materials, however, most of my writing is with mainstream publishers. As a disabled person myself, I try to continue writing about things for which I have a passion, and my current passion is developing advocates for mental health and mental illness.  .
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Have fun and come back again as I add new stuff all the time. Cheerio. Naomi Mitchum