Special Needs Environment at Chapelwood





The congregation at Chapelwood United Methodist Church, Houston, invites and welcomes persons with special needs into the life of the church. Inclusion has been created so that all persons may worship, serve, learn and socialize within the congregation, and persons of all faiths are welcome.


11140 GREENBAY, HOUSTON, TX 77024,





Designated handicap parking spaces and van parking spaces with slash lines.

Worship aids:

  • American Sign Language of the 9:45 worship service and upon request for Mercy Street and social functions.
  • Seated communion, if desired, with accessible communion to altar rail, and gluten-free wafers available.
  • Braille hymnal and large print Bibles available.

A special needs table in the narthex contains

  • Large print hymnals, Bibles and worship bulletins
  • Assistive Listening Devices  (from usher)
  • Assistance from ushers upon request.

Mobility aids:

Restrooms with special equipment, elevators, electronic door openers on many doors, Braille markers for signage.


Educational and Service Adaptations to Meet Special Needs:

Mainstreaming of persons of all ages with functional (disability) needs if desired with a mentor (buddy) . Arrangements may be made through special needs resource office.
Several separate groups for persons with any type of disability  who do not wish to mainstream are available. Some of these students also participate in mainstream service and educational opportunities.. The following separate groups also welcome typical students:

  • Sunshine Room Sunday School (C of F 4-5) for students of any age who need a little extra help. Fragile care students are welcomed. Sunday morning, 9:45-10:45. Buddies provided for the room and for mainstreaming.
  • Circle of Friends Teens and Adults Sunday School Group (C of F 3) Sunday morning, 9:45-10:45.
  • Circle of Friends Adult Activity and Bible Study, Fellowship Hall for dinner then Circle of Friends Room after dinner, Wednesday night 6:00 – 8:15. Breakout groups in art, drumming, music, Bible study, drama and crafts. Also provided are larger group activities such as fishing, swimming, dancing, talent shows, art shows and special worship services.
  • Circle of Friends Teen Group, activity and Bible study, Fellowship Hall for Wednesday night, dinner at 6:00, YC100-101 after dinner meet until 8:15. They also participate in fishing, swimming, dancing, art show and special worship services.
  • Special Artists in Action (YC 100-101) every Monday, 9:30-11:30, a service group making encouragement cards for ill or persons with other needs as well as Ronald McDonald House, Houston Hospice and VA hospital home.
  • Pals’ Place, monthly Friday night fun for teen and friends students and a night out for parents. 6:00 – 9:30, Circle of Friends Rooms 3-4-5-6.
  • Circle of Friends Chat Group for parents of adult with special needs, parents of teens and parents of children meet when called and for special topic programs,  Wednesday, various assigned rooms, 7:00-8:15. Next meeting September 17.
  • Alternate  year confirmation classes.


Church Library section contains books for and about special needs.

Circle of Friends mobile library contains hi-lo books for students at various reading levels.


Numerous support groups under auspices of Ministry of Care. Locations posted on bulletin boards.  Contact Naomi Mitchum, 713-465-3467, Ex, 173 or Anne Kadlecek, 713-465-3467.


Our philosophy is that every meeting of persons is a gift exchange. We provide love, safety, a spiritual environment,  Bible instruction appropriate to level of comprehension, socialization and lots of fun.

Leaders of our Circle of Friends program  believe that every student is a star. They are.

Chapelwood United Methodist Church is a Safe Sanctuary Church.

Chapelwood United Methodist Church and special needs programs have emergency plans in place.

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