Planning Sheet for Events

Distribute copies of this sheet to all groups involved in church-wide or small group planning with the explanation that planners should use it for every meeting and event. 

If you are the person distributing this event check sheet, plan how you will review the findings so you can be sure planners are using them.  Informational training may be required.

Use this sheet because you want your church to
  • Recognize and use the gifts of persons with special needs.
  • Incorporate persons with special needs into the life of the church.
  • Become informed on how to enable persons with disabilities to fully participate, and remind us of our intention to work with them to make it happen.


Activity or Event Check Sheet


1.  Does my design team include a person or persons with special needs? Yes_____ No_____

If no, invite someone .

2. Names of persons with impairments who are candidates for this committee or planning group:




3.  Before planning, do I need printed or human resources to give me suggestions about accessibility and inclusion?   Yes_____ No______

If yes, here are the names of persons who can provide resources:





4.  How can publicity for my activity reflect thoughtfulness regarding special needs such as special diets or porta-potty or ramps or sign language or guides for persons who are blind?



5.  Does any person with an impairment need a mentor or buddy?

Yes_____   No______

Do I need to develop a list of mentors, or does the church have such a list?

Name of person with the list:


6.  If my activity is away from the church, have I personally investigated the accessibility of the site? Yes _____ No ______

Who will make the visit?  Name:

Accessibility includes parking, ramps, restrooms, and sound system adaptable for persons with hearing impairments and access to a place of worship, food serving lines that are accessible and menu options for diabetics or other impairments,  meeting rooms and portable potties if restrooms are not available or accessible. Assume nothing.

7.  Would members of my special planning area benefit from speech reading classes or training as guides or mentors?

Yes____ No____

If yes, name of contact person who might provide training:


8. When will our design committee meet again to review these findings?