Cheerleaders for God and Other Participation Stories


For use by

  • Sunday School Teachers
  • Leaders of Special Needs Groups
  • Recreation directors
  • Worship Leaders
CHEERLEADERS FOR GOD AND OTHER PARTICIPATION STORIES is a collection of stories and readings in which students have a vicarious experience by responding to a word or concept. This allows them to participate if they are non-verbal, plus verbal students can put their responses into words or action.
These stories and readings are perfect for persons with disabilities, and they are fun and educational for everyone.

All readings have been used with persons with special needs in worship, celebration, educational and recreational settings. They are adaptable to the abilities of your group, and will give you ideas for creating your own readings where students get to respond. There is ALWAYS a response, so why not plan one, or use it for a springboard to a new idea?

Concepts found in the stories and readings include group building, Bible stories, contemporary stories, spiritual concepts, holiday celebrations, and a few of just-for-fun stories with silly choruses.

  • 112 pages
  • color
  • Biblical index
  • Hole-punched and shrink-wrapped for your notebook.
  • Price !!!!! Free from Ramps’nthings Press for the first ten persons ordering and after that for the cost of mailing and handling, $6.25. Order from

Ramps’nthings Press produces books and other materials for leaders who work with persons with special needs.  See EVERY CHILD CAN BLOOM IN THE INCLUSIVE CLASSROOM and QUICK LOOK FOR VOLUNTEER EMERGENCY RESPONDERS, a guide for aiding persons with disabilities.