Safety Rules for Students

Safety Rules for Students are Important for Everyone



Special needs students like clearly defined, dependable rules. These safety and behavior rules were designed for a specific local church and specific group. They are offered only as a pattern for ideas for other local churches and are important for all leaders and teachers who have contact with students with disabilities. These rules are reviewed with parents at parent support groups and are emailed as a reminder to parents who were absent. Parents are reminded to be sure emergency contact information is on file with the leader.



Let The Group Add Safety Rules


1.     We eat at 6:00 p.m.  Be on time.  Go directly to Fellowship Hall, pay $5.00 and, after getting food, go to the Circle of Friends designated area. If you need help      with food, ask a leader or buddy.

2.     Stay at your table in the dining room.  Go to the stage only when invited by the minister in charge. No exceptions!  Be friendly and respectful of others and their property.  Do not eat off of someone else’s plate.  No second servings.  No special food requests at the kitchen.

3.         No student leaves the dining room once they enter until it is time to go to our meeting room.  If, for   any reason, a member needs to leave the room, he/she will need to be accompanied by two leaders.

4.      Remember appropriate behavior for God’s house – no kissing, hand holding, putting hands on, touching someone, no back rubs.  Teachers may hold a hand to calm or reassure. (Hello Hugs are hugely, highly acceptable.)

5.       Students must stay inside after they arrive. No one goes back out to the parking lot or wanders around the building.

6.        Students who sing in the choir or are active elsewhere should go directly there after dinner so they will not disrupt meetings by leaving.

7.      Pick-up time is 8:15 p.m.  A parent or designated carpool person must pick up each student at the door of our classrooms or announced event rooms.  No one will be released alone or taken to the parking lot by a teacher. If a parent is delayed, a student will be escorted to the bench outside the room for supervision until a parent arrives. The parent will be called. Regular classroom students will follow the same rule in their areas.

8.        No medication will be given a student. Please tell a leader if you are ill or a seizure is immanent. Leaders will care for you and call for a parent to take you home.

9.          Have fun, and remember that everyone is a star – a safe star.