Alzheimers and Old Memories

My sister has alzheimers. It is a low blow since with great courage she has survived cancer seven times. She has been sick so long her grandchildren didn’t know her at a time when she could tell them stories from her childhood, college, career and marriage, and they only know her as a sick person. They are now part of her caregiver team with possibly some very sad memories as her legacy. I’m writing my memories of her, things like how we climbed a certain tree every day, played circus, traded boy friends, marched in the band together along with stories of where she did her internship. So far, the stories have been read aloud by her family, and they seem to appreciate them. Thought I’d share this idea.

If you are wondering how the drum circle is going, I can say that it is first of all, FUN, and, second of all, LOUD, and is a very popular group. At the end of the month, they are planning a short performance. The leader and her assistants really know what they are doing.