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Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities Gets A Plus

For a state who ranks last in the United States to consider further cuts for persons with disabilities is downright sinful. I didn’t get up grumpy. Had a nice breakfast, read the paper and then checked my email with listings of legislature. I’m glad the Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities exists, or I wouldn’t have known about some of the issues. There are people out there who are aware. Are you one of them?

Reading the legislative maneuvers in regard to disabilities has given me a sinking feeling. There are many proposed changes regarding mental health, facilities, reimbursement to facilities and kinship for care, special services for schools – often difficult to interpret. I am not a lobbyist, but if I knew when and where to show up, I’d be there to speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves.

For legislative information through Telicon giving a weekly legislative report email:

Special Needs Mentor CD Available

I have produced a CD for buddy/mentors of children with disabilities, and am completing one for mentors and leaders of adults and teens with special needs. It defines the role of mentors, tells how the roles vary, talks of medical information and has an information sheet, suggests safety practices and gives simple and basic teaching tips including ways to use music with children with disabilities.

Buddies are a necessity whether you are mainstreaming or operating in a separate church or recreational group, and training for them is primo. To request a CD (for the price of mailing) contact me at Be sure to send correct address.

Ability Happy New Year

When is a disability not a disability? When you discover an ability or try to develop a gift you have. The new year would be a good time to do this. Try along with me. For openers try some whimsy, humor, giggles, a new way of expressing yourself.

My whimsical way of starting the new year in a city where fireworks are outlawed by the fire marshal, was guess what? I saved bubble wrap of all sizes from Christmas packing, laid them on my patio and ran over them to make fake fireworks. The sound was impressive and lots of fun. Son Paul, a photographer, created a 30 second video of my fun!