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For those in pain

Check out my new writing on pain called, “Pain is Such A Pain” on this site. It deals with the consequences of pain.

Pain is the everyday fare for a lot of people I know including myself.  I’ve been thinking about how it changes the way we live, feel and interact.  It has been a good exercise since I dissected it into more than one writing.  It’s a huge subject!  My pain is about to expand as I have been diagnosed with colon cancer and am getting ready for surgery.  So I am about to find out if what I wrote about cancer and what I wrote about pain is actually useable. It’s an exercise I could have skipped, but I will let you know how the scorecard works out.


Modern Easter News

No doubt about it, a present day death and resurrection would make the six o’clock news, and by morning there would be religiously correct points of view every few hours presented by a wide range of organized believers, non-believers or dis-believers.

As in the early post-Jesus days, Christians would be claiming that they have discovered a different way of life that is better than that offered by the non-Christian world.  Then the fun would begin with disagreements all around about what the good news or better way of life means. Electronic media would flash the news, cyber-net users would interpret it, commentators would probe meanings and affirm or discredit the event. The stone rolled away from the tomb would be chipped into bits much like the Berlin Wall, and sacred relics might even be hawked and bought by a well-intentioned populace.

I am profoundly glad to live now, centuries away from the Easter event with the benefit of great thinkers of the ages who have put it into perspective. I have benefited from the Apostle Paul and from the way disciples were motivated to follow Jesus even after his death. I have benefited from the deep deliberations of philosophers through the ages who argued and tested their ideas on each other.

I am thankful for my childhood memories and training of Easter and for all the saints who have helped me interpret my life under the Easter umbrella.



Nebraska Tornadoes

Let’s not call those terrible double tornadoes in Nebraska a “God event” as some of the newscasters are doing.  Poor God gets credited with everything from car wrecks to sore joints, a serious problem because it keeps us from crediting God with radical, unconditional love, the kind that brings the comfort of knowing God’s presence in times of trouble.  If you’re mad at someone for blowing away your home, it’s hard to invite them to walk with you through tragic times. God is love. It says so in my favorite book.