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Bullying is Everywhere

I was recently bullied by a doctor who yelled at me, repeated accusations several times, and would not let me speak. I was surprised to tears. Not the reaction I have taught our students and parents to take. Now I know how you feel when someone bigger or in authority cuts you down, so guys, I understand.

I’m ready for next encounter with the hands in front of the face act and saying stop.  You all became very good at it, and so shall I.


Getting old means losing friends to death and illness, and there were Christmas cards missing from our mailbox this year, but I refuse to look down to what has been lost, rather to celebrate life every day. This is my new year’s resolution, one that I have used for years. A point of view resolution is far better than stopping chocolate or giving up swearing. Besides, scientists tell us dark chocolate is good for us, and any day I expect them to say that swearing clears the head.


This list of ways to celebrate life as being great was started years ago, amended by family members in sort of a round robin. Add to it if you want.




Life is great because


If you’re curious, it’s interesting.


If you’re not curious, it throws stuff at you to keep you awake.


There is the opportunity to sit in the sun or maybe the rain and, knowing that it makes the planet work, say, “Thank you, world,” or “Thank you, God for creating things in order.”


Every day there is a chance to do something for someone that might make their life great just for a moment even if it’s just handing him or her a Kleenex or acknowledging his or her existence with a nod or smile.


There’s favorite food to taste and new foods to try.


If you’re in a wheelchair, you can become a specialist on belt buckles.


Life is great because


If you lie on your back looking at the sky, the clouds are a mystery, and they’re interesting if you understand weather, and they’re very entertaining if you have no clue about weather science.


If you look at birds, the arrangement of their feathers all sorted into genre are amazing and a mystery no matter how they got that way.


If you shout across the hills, someone will shout back, or maybe it’s an echo.


Life is great because the ocean roars, rivers run and water reflects sun and moon beams.


Life is great because of photosynthesis that makes plants grow to provide food for us and beauty for the world.


Life is great because – –

Because, because


We don’t all think the same way and our brains are wired differently which makes us individuals.


Life is great because we get second and third and fourth chances at doing things and unlimited chances to reinvent ourselves.


Life is great because each in his own way can love and be loved.


Life is great because even when everything looks black and you’re in the pits, you’re still breathing, can take a nap and try to breathe some more.


Life is great because you get chances to do things for persons who are less fortunate.


Life is great because you get a chance to pet a pet.


Life is great because

  • of music and you can hear it
  • smoke is there and you can smell it or watch it waft to the sky
  • children still laugh and you can hear them or watch the smiles
  • most of the time neighbors still help neighbors
  • there is ice
  • there is popcorn
  • there is ice cream
  • there is peanut butter that sticks to the roof of your mouth


Life is great because


While you are sleeping the police still answer their phones.

Spring comes every year.

There are still doctors with compassion.

There are people who will tell you the truth.


Life is great because


Of people who forgive you even when you don’t deserve it.

Of memories we enjoy or memories that teach us.

Of knowledge

Of tolerance

Of music of all types (except rap!)

Of naps

Of touch on the shoulder or a hand on hand.


We remember dancing when we can no longer dance


Life is great because someone nearby needs us if only for a moment when we connect.


Life is truly great.




Body dents

Those of us with breathing problems are noticeably cute. If you see someone with dents along the back of his hair and possibly a couple of dents on his face, you have found someone with sleep apnea who uses a Bi Pap or a C Pap. No matter how hard they try, the dents last until noon when face puff erases the little lines. Manufacturers have improved on the little helping machines, so they are more silent and efficient, but they still make dents. How can you complain about a machine that knows when you aren’t breathing and makes up the difference or  urges you to inhale?

I, on the other hand, have canula nose  since my muscles don’t work, and I use oxygen when reclining day or night. People who use oxygen have various symptoms of canula nose depending on their sleeping position, but most have those cute little furrows on the cheeks and a nose that gets red and irritated because it doesn’t like those fancy little plastic tube thingies. Can’t complain, since we wake up rested with an acceptable oxygen level.

Dents on the body are the common denominator for persons with disabilities who use crutches, wear body braces, poorly fitting glasses – just about any aid that enables a normal life. Just now realized that people with false teeth probably have gum dents.  Oh, well. Each of us has something!



Growing Old

My friend Jim’s Daily Awakenings is right on target about what it means to grow old. I have an idea to add to how I feel about growing old. Well, thank you God, I am growing old. We hear a lot of advice from youngers about what we should have done to prevent disease and creaks and groans, but I am standing up to defend us oldsters.

Old people don’t need someone to tell them that they are sick because of choices they made or stresses they have.  With diet, exercise, worthwhile activities, prayer–a wholesome life–people get sick. Old age is wearing out. Some wear out sooner than others.  What is, is. I felt better when I quit letting anyone intimidate me about why I am sick or about wrong choices I made. What is, is means doing the best with what I can now do, and celebrating life without looking back at mistakes. The forward lens is much cleaner than the backward lens, but I have to admit it is an adventure requiring creativity. We were all created with creativity by a creative God of with.

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