Naomi Mitchum, author, Christian educator and consultant in church special needs.

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My website has a five tier personality

  • Books
  • Pain is Such a Pain
  • Emergency Planning for persons with special needs in churches
  • Materials for creating an inviting environment for persons with disabilities
  • Practical Christian education in the field of disabilities

In the current book section, you will find the following:

  • EVERY CHILD CAN BLOOM IN THE INCLUSIVE CLASSROOM is a guidebook with practical tips for creating a comfort zone for all children with and without disabilities. For teachers or anyone working with children and their parents.
  • QUICK LOOK FOR VOLUNTEER EMERGENCY RESPONDERS: A GUIDE FOR AIDING PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES is the result of working with community emergency volunteers who wanted quick and correct information with picture boards.
  • HARPS IN THE WILLOWS STRENGTHS FOR REINVENTING LIFE is the result of my work with chronic illness support groups.
  •  THE RELUCTANT IMMIGRANT was born from my experience living part time in the Hill Country where Germans settled in the 1840’s. 
  • THE LONG ROAD HOME ROMANCE COLLECTION features three stories by Judi Ann Ehresman and one by Naomi Mitchum, THE RELUCTANT IMMIGRANT.
  •  Get With It, Spencer! is especially good for children with vision problems or for those with perfect vision who like a good laugh. Poor Spencer, who  needs glasses, crows at all the wrong times. People throw things.
I live in Houston, Texas with my geologist and bird-watching husband, Bob, and we work together with the Circle of Friends students each week at Chapelwood United Methodist, where I just retired as volunteer director of special needs ministry, but continue to help out.
I am also a Houston Symphony buff and would go without food just to hear a good string quartet at Chamber Music Houston. With a degree in Christian education, I set out to do something important with my life. I’m still working on it. The trip has been fun and the future exciting. I worked as director of Christian education in Coffeyville, Kansas then director of youth work at Boston Avenue Methodist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Along the way I wrote teacher enrichment materials and curriculum for the United Methodist Church, and served as chair of the Texas Conference Committee on Disability Concerns of the United Methodist Church.  I like starting new things from a youth choir, conference committee to the Circle of Friends programs. I recently founded Ramps’nthings Press, a not for profit DBA publisher doing disability books and materials.
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