New Hobby

My new hobby of the morning is feeding a pet squirrel who has adopted me, or maybe I have adopted him.  Early morning, I sit out on the patio listening to the birds, and a young squirrel comes begging every day. Now I take a handful of peanuts out every morning. He comes closer every day, and no longer is scared of the sound of my wheelchair. The downside is that when I have no peanuts and am just outside, he follows me around looking at me with those hungry eyes, his tail twitching and his nose quivvering.

Never to see the light of day or print is my old and continuing hobby,writing short stories. The least little event or idea will get in my head and roll around and around until I put it on paper with new characters that I can manipulate. Sometimes they manipulate me, and the story takes a new twist. Fun.

About Naomi

I am a writer and Christian educator who works in several genres with a specialty in materials for persons with disabilities. The Long Road Home Romance Collection includes one of my books (11/14), and I just finished the first draft of a Quick Look handbook to help persons who teach an inclusive classroom. I love playing and listening to classical music, fishing, doing family things, and, in spite of my non-interest in identifying birds, have come to name them because of my bird watching husband, Bob. My children and grandchildren, because of their expertise in different fields, have broadened my lens for looking at the world.

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