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The Reluctant Immigrant – New Spin

My historical novel set in Texas, The Reluctant Immigrant, will make an appearance in a collection along with three books by Judi Ehresman under the title Long Road Home Romance Collection.  Don’t rush out to buy it until November!

Since the book came out, I have been amazed at the number of immigrants within my circle of acquaintances, all with interesting stories including a father who mailed himself to the United States from a foreign country, a family shipped in to a US port during a very hazardout time and someone who waded across the Rio Grande. All immigrants face homesickness, a gripping fear of the unknown, quiet suffering  from lack of language skills, strange social customs, and, perhaps most overriding of all, food differences. Try eating beef all the time when you grew up on fish , or discover hush puppies when you never heard of corn meal.

Romance fits in here also, as courting customs vary within geographical areas. In some cases romance with one of “those foreigners” is a community offense, yet the mixing and matching of “those foreigners” brought about a blending of cultures that has enriched our country. My ancestors were French-speaking Swiss from the area of Geneva (Generally considered German-speaking.) who came to New Orleans and went up the Mississippi River. There were some family get-togethers at our house when only French was spoken, and I, a little girl, never understood a word but tried to laugh when everyone else laughed at a joke.

There have been times in my life when I have felt like an immigrant plopped down in a strange circumstance. How about you?