Monthly Archives: April 2017

Pain Shared

I haven’t blogged for so long, you, my readers, may have disappeared.  Well, I got cancer. Surprise. There is something I didn’t  have.


Since surgery, I have thought a lot about those of you anywhere who have pain.  There is stuff about it on this website.  But beyond that, is anyone interested in sharing personal experiences and ideas about pain.  It is such pain you may not have time to talk about it, but we might benefit from touching voices about a severe subject no one talks about.


MD Anderson doesn’t treat my pain because it is not from cancer. In my case, so far, cancer doesn’t hurt, it is arthritis, neuropathy and other stuff that keeps me hurting.  I take lots of pills, and try not to move unless necessary.

I also remember Sister Thea Bowman (Saints to Lean on, McGrane) who said “I’ve found that moaning is therapeutic. It’s a way of centering, the way you do in centering prayer. You concentrate your internal energies and your powers in prayer or wordless outcry to God. ”


Many of you know I have developed moaning and groaning to an art form. But it is not art the museum wants, so if you want to talk pain, here is a good place to tell and hear.