Monthly Archives: January 2016

Eyes for new widget

You can blink all you want to while I try to get the widget for Every Child Can Bloom working so  you can see the inside pages. It’s a crazy way to do business, and every step of the way has taken time, time, time and has made me feel very stupid.  The last step, the code, hasn’t worked for days, so I called Bowker today.  They have no power due to the storm.  Sounds like me in my office: no power due to the storm of stupidity floating around. But then, wait a minute, I’m not really stupid, just stymied. Anyway, keep blinking, and one day soon you will be able to see the way Homer made my words readable and colorful. His design is worth all this effort so you can see it.

On other fronts, sorry about the power outages, and hope everyone has snowboards. If not, try a cardboard box laid out flat or pull your child around on a shovel; the handle makes for easy pulling.