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Youth Camping and Summer Project Advice

Camping with youth is fun but certain to be full of surprises, especially if someone with a disability registers. Early on, find out what this person’s needs will be so you can help everyone have a good experience.  My this-website article, “Camps and Projects Can Be Inclusive,” will help you know what to do first, second and  on….   Don’t wait until the last minute when you have to gasp and wring your hands. Find out now what to do! My big camping surprise was at a Methodist teen Cedar Bluff Camp near Coffeyville, Kansas where I served as registrar. We ran out of cabins, so a few of the staff slept outside on cots next to the stage area. Being a sound sleeper, I awoke and looked up from my cot to see EVERYONE carrying their Bibles as they walked past me, snickered and pointed.  Question:  Is it worse to be seen in bed during morning watch or to be seen in cute shorty pajamas scampering toward the cabin? Answer: Wait until the opening prayer when everyone had their eyes closed. Almost everyone.