Monthly Archives: September 2014

Good Samaritan

Thanks to Nat at an Exxon station on I 10 for helping me when my car was completely out of oil. He not only got the oil, paid for it and put it in the car, but he put the hood down. Never in my wildest dreams of arms and muscles could I have put it down. Then I headed down to River Oaks Chrysler where they fixed the car.


There are still good people and helping deeds in the world, so I wanted to share this one.

New Bug Trap

Seems like into every life of a mobility impaired parker there will be some blips and downs, but I had a pretty big blip with malice.  When visiting a sick friend at a facility there was not one van parking place (I don’t mean they were full, I mean they didn’t have one on their two block campus) I parked diagonal on two spaces. This allows me to get out of my   van. I do it all the time.

Well someone took exception! They plastered a red parking violation sticker approximately 10 by 4 or so on the driver side windshield of my car. They  also took all the stickers from my van and stuck them all over the windshield EXCEPT for my Baker University shield sticker which they tore and stuck on the right rear vision mirror. Looking at it you could feel the anger and intended punishment. They were mad.

Lottsa nice people around. Some helped me remove the stickers  so I could drive home. Before I got most of the glue off, the sticky patches collected pine needles and dirt, even a couple of bugs. We used all sorts of things trying to get the sticky stuff off my windshield, but so far haven’t found the right thing. I can get new stickers from the van repair telling people not to park within eight feet of my van, and Baker University will send me a new shield, but I wish that person had just left a note asking me not to park there. I would have thought better of them. Revenge and malice don’t work.  Only good thing is the sticky stuff on my windshield may trap another bug. This malicious person may have invented a new bug trap.