Monthly Archives: August 2014

The Perfect Job

If you have some Christian education background and would consider a 30 hour week job, my job is for you.  I will even train you in working with persons with functional disabilities. As director of special needs ministry at Chapelwood United Methodist
Church, Houston, TX, you would oversee some great programs, work with 70 plus trained leaders and have a great time.


Leaders, students, parents and friends sent me into retirement with a blast off party to end all parties. The words awesome and incredible come to mind. Only one hitch to the retirement: we haven’t found my replacement, so I’m still helping out.

I guarantee a friendly staff, volunteers and students. Contact me through comments on this page. Hurry. You don’t want to miss out.

Tooth Varnish

Had my teeth varnished today. Yep, She did it with a tiny, little paint brush right after she cleaned my teeth. Apparently, the special varnish absorbs into the “pores” or something like that of the teeth, thus making the enamel stronger.  It better work. Tastes terrible for overnight. Never heard of tooth varnish, so I had a first today. Wise in ways-of-life coaches tell us we should try something brand new often to keep us young. I feel younger already.


So far, my replacement as director of special needs at Chapelwood United Methodist has not walked up the sidewalk to open the door,  so I am planning ahead to re-launch the programs that discontinued through the summer.  August has always been the time when paperwork gets stirred with a big stick, so watch out copying machines.

Anyone out there with Christian education experience looking for a 30 hour week job? If so, you need us, and you need to apply now. Most enthusiastic people to work with, good working conditions, cheerful helpers, forward looking board of directors. Hey this sounds so good, I may apply. Don’t worry if you don’t have special education training; I can help with that on-the-job.

Meanwhile, I better get down to the office. Someone is coming to help organize our new hallway bulletin board. (Did I mention that we have a great facility and system for using it?)

Paul Simon Showed Up

The windshield people (as per last blog) stood me up, so we decided to chuck all of the repairs in the brink, take time off and go fishing.  Returned all relaxed and ready for some real entertainment at Jones Hall where Steve Martin and the bluegrass group kept us all laughing, foot tapping and and in general feeling up. We went with our son Robert and his wife, Regeana, so the trip was even more fun.  To top it off, there was a surprise visitor on stage who brought the house to its feet and cheers so loud they raised the roof. Paul Simon strolled on stage wearing his guitar (clothes, too, including his cute white hat), and entertained  with his music as well as that of the bluegrass.  What a treat! AND, part of the treat was that Circle of Friends parents had given us a gift certificate that paid for it. Free and fun. Can’t beat that. Thanks, parents.