Monthly Archives: July 2014

Appointment Truth Telling

Repair establishments need a truth telling  yardstick, and it starts with the tone of management.

My friend and co-teacher of children with disabilities, Alison, taught me what to say to a child who was having trouble knowing the difference between reality and pretend. Say to the child, “Tell me anything. Tell me if it is pretend.”

This is going to be my mantra from now on with repair persons who promise to call me back “in a few minutes,” or who will send the repair person between one and five. Tell me if it is pretend that the call will come now or that the repair person will be there.  It’s okay to be too busy and okay to be held up at a previous call, but etiquette and respect require them to let me know. It’s as though they think I have nothing to do but wait around for them to show up. Will it amuse or startle them when I say, “Tell me anything. Tell me if it is pretend”?

In defense of good business, the windshield glass people called yesterday to say there was a problem and they’d have to reschedule. Yea! Thanks. Wheelchair people have yet to call back. Van people are trying to make it up to me. Introspection reminds me that I have to live by the same rules on call-backs while I am cooking dinner. Oops. The mirror is so clean I can see myself.


I say my day is complete if I kill a mosquito, and last night I killed one on the Sabbath at 11:50. He had history. Our hot water heater broke leaking LOTS of water on the hall and bedrooms carpets. The carpet cleaning crew required a lot of big round hoses, so big that they left the front door open and invited the mosquitoes to make themselves at home.   It’s usually a stand-off when I bring out my tennis racquet looking bug zapper. It kills everything with sparking glee plus it must emit  a slight bzzzz, because the mosquitoes line up to get out of the den, through the hall and out the front door. Thanks, Philip, for the zapper. And that old glow in   the dark tee shirt with the mosquitoes has lived through three floods and mud, and it still glows!  The bugs are so big that the real ones might get scared to death. That’s better than OFF.