Monthly Archives: February 2013

Googlesymptomitis Considered

Lack of information from doctors these days can drive you to google almost any symptom or medical procedure often with terrifying or hilarious results.


I googled a 2 D Echeo test of my heart and came up with this,”A Negative test is not always an indicator for euthanasia.” Yipes! Then I noticed the site was one with the title Vet in the middle.  Glad I’m not a dog.  I was recently removed from an experimental 4 Aminopyradine  drug for multiple sclerosis, and, with a lack of information about withdrawal, I googled it.  “Direct effects can be paw pinch and skin shrinkage,”  I googled paw-pinch, and found out that it is a dog thing. So I don’t have paw-pinch. You never know about some of these crazy terms.  Lots of information out there, some of it correct, some of it from a foreign country with poor language and primitive ideas, some from other sources that are helpful, but care is needed to read the site name and take information with a grain of the well known salt.


It would be so easy if doctors would take a few minutes to answer questions, but since most don’t, thank you, Google.


Google with good sense.



Green Time

Today is spring. I know this because the many trees in our backyard look green not with leaves but with green  buds or green branch-fur much like the fur on a deer’s antlers. Just a hint of green!


Leon Hale, Houston Chronicle columnist, often wrote about going south to meet spring. He had his little tests for spring, and I have mine from a different viewpoint. My wheelchair has a tilt back feature that lets me look up to see minute pretties the average person can’t see. If they tilted back that far to look, they would fall over.


My backyard pet squirrels are also telling me it is spring when I see them optimistically dig up most of the peanuts I gave them during the fall and winter, and they are chasing each other with gleams in their eyes.


People who live along the Gulf Coast meet spring earlier than, say, New England that is still covered with snow. We are already whooping it up in heat and sunshine, taking advantage of perfect patio weather before the iron patio furniture in summer is too hot to touch.  Yay, spring! Yea, spring! Yeah, spring! That covers it for the spelling buffs. Happy spring. The blessing of yet another season arriving in God’s beautiful world must be celebrated.




Your mouth is talking too fast!

My newest discovery is that right before my ears, the English language is changing to a new language called Newglish. All those beautiful mouths on television have a big daddy sitting behind them saying, “Talk faster, so we can say more in less time.” If they want their paychecks now and another job later, the mouths acquiesce. Their brains tell their tongues who tell their lips, and a sound bite becomes a soundbite.


Other fast talkers that take prizes for Newglish include Sherlock who talks so fast even he doesn’t know what he has said. Watson, his partner, talks even faster but mumbles, so the guessing game is on for all of us who hear Slowglish. Oh well, you can guess the plot on this show without knowing what they are saying.


If you don’t believe in this fast-talking of English turned into Newglish, listen to your children and grandchildren. They don’t speak in cursive, either, with words gracefully strung into sentences. They speak in texting shorthand. We love them anyway, so we listen fast.