Monthly Archives: August 2012

Circles of Friends

Circle of Friends has become so popular as a name that everyone is using it.  Methodist Children’s Home is using it as a fundraiser for the children who live there, special needs groups who have started a bakery use it, a school in Houston uses it. Since we have a Circle of Friends group at Chapelwood United Methodist Church, those words are attention getters for me. My conclusion about his term is one of radical welcome that says, “Come into our Circle.” This circle is a friendly place, and, in the case of Chapelwood’s Circle of Friends, we say it’s where everyone is a star.

With a slight variation on the words, the term reminds me of the poem “Outwitted” by Edwin Markham that says in part regarding people on the outside, “But love and I had the wit to win: We drew a circle and took him in!”

One thing I like about “Circle of Friends” is that the circles overlap, so persons with special needs are more and more included in more and more groups and more and more classes and more and more mixed recreational events.

What to do you say to a person with a disability? “Hi, My name is ______.  What’s yours?” Then you can invite, “Come on in to my circle.”

Is Locked Door Legal?

Assured that their restaurant was accessible, we made reservations. Parked the car in an accessible spot (although it did have a post in the middle of it), and were directed to the separate ramp entrance. The ramp entrance door was locked. We waited in the heat. We retreated to valet parking and asked him to instruct the manager to open the locked door. Went to the door, and waited. They arrived to let us in. It seems that to get the door unlocked, one has to be able to go up steps to the reception area to make the request. What’s wrong with this picture? Our thanks to the valet parker.

My question: Is it legal to have a locked door at the top of a ramp when the restaurant is open for business? They explained that it is only illegal to prevent someone from leaving through that door.

Legal or not, it was not a welcoming experience. The service was perfect as was the food. Just wondering if the locked door is legal. Anyone know?