Monthly Archives: July 2012

Governor Perry’s Un-Library

Governor Perry’s Un-Library ¬†according to the picture in the Houston Chronicle has no books. The library furnishings are beautiful, decor tasteful, but there isn’t a book in sight. ¬†Even if the library is solely for guests, there should be shelves of books indicating a literary/sophisticated atmosphere. Or maybe the decorator could put a few books around on tables as a gesture of friendliness and an indication that people in Texas can read. Considering Laura Bushes love for and promotion of reading books, she must be disappointed at the state of her former home.

Even beyond education and enjoyment, books speak special languages. My librarian friends tell me that children often smell a book before deciding to check it out. If it smells just right, they take it. They feel the texture of its cover before making a selection. Selecting an attractive book can open a new world of curiosity and learning. Let’s also remember how third graders who must write book reports weigh the book as well as look at the number of pages.

Intouchables – A Great Movie

For an entertaining and inspiring movie, go see The Intouchables, a true story better than most true story adaptations. I related a thousand percent to the character in a power chair and his funny but wise caregiver. I loved it when they went hang gliding and raced the police in their fast car and influenced the spoiled daughter and tackled difficult jobs with humor. The movie was at the River Oaks Theater that has more than one level of screens. Intouchables was on the second floor in a small area, and shown on a screen right, straight in front of the viewers, perfect for my MS eyes that don’t look up without going closed. Getting to the second floor was a hoot when I was folded and crammed but reassured that the starting jump and huge clanking noise of the antique elevator would, in fact, get me upstairs. The wheelchair had three inches of space on each side with barely enough space for the petite operator who had to turn a key to get us moving. On the return trip, the operator was too big to get in the elevator with me, so he turned the key, closed the door, and ran downstairs to call the elevator and wait for my arrival. I always have adventures! Almost as good as the time the elevator went out, and the waiter at Auntie Chang’s Dumpling House wanted to fold me in to the dumb waiter. I declined.